GTMS solutions allow today’s logistics / supply chain professional to easily and seamlessly rate, route, track and pay all invoices in house with one solution. GTMS solves this by offering a modular, scalable, and intuitive SMES (Shipment Manifesting & Execution Software) platform that supports all modes of transportation, alongside a team of the industries experts in parcel, post, LTL/TL Ocean, brokerage, and compliance.

Users can rapidly connect parcel, LTL, full truckload, rail, ocean, and air carriers on a single platform. And since it’s built on the latest cloud technology, GTMS can seamlessly scale to meet any company’s complex needs. maximizing the visibility and savings across your entire transportation network.

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Best New Business Intelligence Tools

GTMS’s Business Intelligence system helps clients achieve 100% on-time service, 100% invoice accuracy, and optimal allocation. This is accomplished by identifying 100% controllable cost avoidance, benefiting e-retailers, manufacturers, consumers, and carriers. Our business intelligence solutions are specifically designed to help customers manage their logistics spend from shipment creation to payment. We work in a collaborative effort to provide best practice spend management and shipping optimization solutions

Top Business Model

“Top Business Model Design by Tech 10” – GTMS creates a completely audited, ready to pay invoice, from all carriers/all modes globally, in your account payable’s format, enabling you to no longer need to use 3rd party freight payment companies.

Top Solutions Provider

GTMS offers concise actionable reports that enable shippers to optimize their transportation and logistics spend with ongoing controllable cost monitoring. The three primary areas of focus are: smarter shipping habits; controllable cost monitoring; and carrier cost and performance.

Best Rating and Routing

GTMS creates significant spend reduction while creating ‘win triangles’ by optimizing the speed/cost relationship on all shipments.

Best in Class TMS

GTMS’s shipment manifesting and execution software (SMES) positively impacts customers’ shipping functions by increasing the processing speed and reducing the cost of freight via truck, air, and ocean, while meeting all customer expectations of mode optimization and logistics management solutions.