How long do you and your staff spend finding the right carrier for every load you have?

Instead of emailing a list of carriers or worse yet visiting multiple carrier sites, contact GTMS for your own online TMS. pre-loaded with rates you can ship with today. National Carriers, Yellow, ODFL, ARC Best as an example, along with multiple regional carriers to give you best-in-class rating and routing on every shipment.
  • Optimize every shipment
  • End-to-end tracking
  • Advance notification when booking
  • Automatically contacts the carrier for pickup
  • Route from Time sensitive shipments to the lowest rate
  • Audit all transactions prior to paying the carrier
  • Freight payment if preferred
  • Multi-Stop
  • Freight claims
So let us do the heavy lifting by keeping volume high and rates low so you take advantage of best-in-class rating and routing.
Freight Pay & Audit