Free Parcel Assessment

Instantly uncover potential refunds on recent FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipping invoices – Get results in just 30 minutes!

  1. GTMS slashes freight costs by auditing invoices by line item, disputing claims instantly, and returning dollars back into the business without disrupting operations. GTMS does all the work necessary to boost efficiency, secure maximum refunds, report on savings, and accelerate payouts.
  2. Shipper tracker will deliver automated tracking with up-to-the-minute updates on every transaction.
  3. GTMS is the premier logistics technology provider for shippers of all sizes. Our consulting teams know how these technologies will help reduce costs and create efficiencies throughout the logistics process.
  4. Contract Optimization and RFP Assistance – GTMS provides its customers with RFP Support, Benchmarking, data analytics and KPI’s to measure the success of all your logistics.
  5. Cost Savings – GTMS has assisted hundreds of clients with cost savings not only through RFP, but through your data by creating smarter shipping habits, controllable cost monitoring, and carrier cost and performance metrics.

Our services include:

  1. Audit and recovery for billing mistakes
  2. Manage all lost and damage claims
  3. Negotiate carrier contracts
  4. Report transportation analytics

Why Parcel Audit

  1. Time savings. The baseline for processing audits is one thousand shipments per hour. Faster approvals, means quicker payouts and time added back into the day.
  2. More refunds. 4.5% of all shipments get refunded at an average of 10 dollars per shipment.

Claims Management

  1. Time savings. The average claim takes 20 minutes to file. It’s more boring than watching paint dry. Get the time back!
  2. More refunds. Most businesses only file on 20% of the potential claims. There’s many more out there. Get the refunds you deserve!
  3. Auto File. This feature prepares and submits claims automatically within your shipping accounts.
  4. Easily upload pictures. High-value shipments require pictures to be included. One-click filing. Queue a claim to be submitted with a single click.
  5. Time-based filing. Late deliveries and service failure options for perishable shippers.
  6. Weekly reports.
  7. Weekly digest emails showcase all program activities. Detailed reports. Interactive charts, exports and more all at your fingertips.
  8. Flexible claim amounts. Adjust the claim amount on a per shipment basis.

Carrier agreement optimization

  1. Benefits Experienced negotiators. The trusted GTMS team understands the details of complex shipping contracts and works to secure the maximum savings.
  2. More savings. On average, shippers see a 10-20% savings on shipping after using the carrier agreement optimization service.