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GTMS is focused on helping our clients achieve best in class solutions starting with shipment execution software, best in class carrier optimization, tracking throughout the day for a better customer experience, and ultimately a final audited ready to pay GL coded invoice.

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GTMS slashes freight costs by auditing invoices by line item, disputing claims instantly, and returning dollars back into the business without disrupting operations. GTMS does all the work necessary to boost efficiency, secure maximum refunds, report on savings, and accelerate payouts.

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Free Parcel Audit by GTMS

Items Included in Our Comprehensive Audit

  • Base discount compliance
  • call tag event tracking
  • Collect shipments
  • Damage claim value audit
  • Damaged shipment
  • Delivery area surcharge
  • Delivery Exception
  • Dimension adjustments
  • Dimensional weight calculation
  • Document audit on lost/damaged claims
  • Duplicate charges on different invoices
  • Duplicate charges on same invoice
  • Duplicate invoices
  • Earned discount compliance
  • Extended discount compliance
  • Fraudulent shipping activity
  • Fuel surcharge accuracy
  • Hundredweight charges
  • Hundredweight compliance
  • International import and export
  • Late Payment fee
  • Lost shipment
  • Manifest voids
  • Minimum charges compliance
  • Negotiated rate compliance
  • Oversized dimensional weight surcharge
  • Rated weight accuracy
  • Refund verification by credit
  • Refund verification by credit card
  • Residential delivery surcharge
  • Return service labels
  • Saturday delivery
  • Saturday pickup
  • Third-party manifest voids
  • Verification of automatic credits
  • Weight per shipment auditing
  • Pickup time accuracy

Consulting Services

Why stop at auditing? GTMS Consulting Services are for every aspect of your transportation and logistics solutions. GTMS is the premier logistics technology provider for shippers of all sizes. Our consulting teams know how these technologies will help reduce costs and create efficiencies throughout the logistics process.

Contract Optimization and RFP Assistance – GTMS provides its customers with RFP Support, Benchmarking, data analytics and KPI’s to measure the success of all your logistics.

Cost Savings – GTMS has assisted hundreds of clients with cost savings not only through RFP, but through your data by creating smarter shipping habits, controllable cost monitoring, and carrier cost and performance metrics.

Rules Tariffs and HTS code assistance.

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Transportation Management

Best in class Shipment Manifesting and Execution Software provides full integration with your WMS/ERP, multi-modal rating and routing, desktop solution, batch rating, carrier notification advance ship notification, and so much more.

Freight Pay & Audit

Reengineer your shipment invoicing and payment process with GTMS’s precise, flexible and automated cost accounting solution for scaled enterprises.

Shipper Tracker

Shipper tracker will deliver automated tracking with up to the minute updates on every transaction.

“It’s easy to get lost in logistics and miss shipment overcharges. GTMS uses a technology I can trust to automatically return the maximum refund to our account.”

– President of tableware company