PO Management

GTMS PO management solution provides our customers end-to-end solutions from the factory ship date to the delivery to the DC we coordinate all aspects of the move.

GTMS provides the following:

  • GTMS coordinates the movement directly with your factory
  • GTMS will provide the containers for ocean shipping
  • Coordinate air freight shipments
  • Tracking from door to door
  • Buyer access to visibility and POs
  • Cost at the SKU level from factory purchase cost to delivered to the customer or store
  • Warehousing for overstocked items, breakbulk, and transportation

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Shipper Tracker by GTMS

SKU Level

SKU level reporting from door to door all costs included ensuring profitability.

Positive SKU

Negative SKU

Cost Communication

Transparent Cost Communication

Where does data come from?

Where does the data come from?